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From time to time we offer special discounts,
sales, and reduced prices on books

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The prices below for these specials are for the book only,
                                 YOU MUST ADD SHIPPING AND ANY TAXES AS BELOW.
NOTE:  All special sales are final.  All special sales are in US dollars and are non-returnable and non-refundable.

If you wish to purchase any of the specials below follow one of these paths to get the total cost of your order:

1.  Look up the shipment/tax costs for your location by following the links starting here
2.  write us at <> for an quote on the shipping costs (and taxes if shipping to Canada) needed to complete your order

Once you have the correct total (book price plus shipping/tax) use the "Pay $??.00" button to the right of the special offer you want to purchase.
Example 1. Shipped to NY, USA:  US$ 80.00 book + US$ 22.00 shipping = Total to pay = US$ 102.00 total
Example 2.
Shipped to BC, Canada:  US$ 80.00 book + US$ 23.00 shipping + US$ 5.15 (5% of $103) = US$ 108.15 total




Discount - Books with slight to moderate damage
We currently have a small number of copies of The Body Moveable at a discounted price. These books are brand new but have sustained slight damage to their covers. None of the books have any damaged inside pages or torn cover material. and none of the damage affects the functioning of the book (i.e. no loose pages, no broken spine, etc.).

Sometimes this damage to the cover is very slight and hardly noticeable (i.e. one or two barely bent corners). Other books have suffered a bit more damage.

Obviously, the more damage, the greater the discount. Below is a selection of these books with photos of the damage and special discounted prices. These offers are all non-refundable and non-returnable.