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We thank all of you who purchased The Body Moveable
since its very first edition published in the early 1980s.

To show our appreciation, we are offering you some bonus downloads.
Check out the active links below and stay tuned for more...

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Thumbnails of fold-out sheets                   Special offer for owners of previous editions !

The latest edition (6th) contains a full Alphabetical Index and a List of Illustrations, but none of the previous editions had any sort of Index or Illustration List, which made it harder to find things. As a token of our appreciation to all you owners of The Body Moveable over the years, we have made a full alphabetical Index and List of Illustrations for your books as a set of inserts. The inserts also contain pages listing all the bones and muscles in the human body.

How to use: Choose the PDF version below to fit your standard paper size and click to download. Instructions for how to print and use the inserts are on the first page of each PDF below.

Download version to print on — 8.5" x 11" paper (US Letter-size)      
Download version to print on — A4 paper (European-size)


BONUS 2 — FOLD-OUT SHEETS for The Body Moveable owners!

Thumbnails of fold-out sheetsThe very first edition of The Body Moveable published back in 1981 was produced in three separate volumes. Each volume had a different large 12 inch by 24 inch (30.5 cm x 61 cm) foldout sheet tucked inside. One foldout sheet had a front view of the skeleton on one side and a front view of the muscles on the other side; the second foldout sheet had a side view of the skeleton on one side and a side view of the muscles on the other; while the third sheet had a back view of the skeleton on one side and a back view of the muscles on the other side.

How to use: Full instructions for printing and using these fold-out sheets are on the first page of the PDF below.

Download the PDF of the full set of Fold-out Sheets  (31 Mb)