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3-volume set with Colour interior         Single-volume Colour interior

Available in four versions (all versions have the same content inside):

– 3-volume set, with colour interior
– 1-volume with colour interior
– 3-volume set, black & white interior
– 1-volume, black & white interior

3-volume set with B&W interior         Single-volume B&W interior

A Marvelous Illustrated Study
of the Structure, Function,
and Dynamics of the Human
Musculoskeletal System

A 650-page book by DAVID GORMAN
New Revised 6th Edition in 4 versions

Quotes about this anatomy atlas
Features of the atlas
Sample pages from the book (look inside !)
Synopsis of the book's contents


NOW in 3 volumes and COLOUR at
the same price  —  it's like getting
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* Single-vol. Colour reduced to US$ 89.95; 3-vol.
B&W to US$ 79.95; single-vol. B&W to US$ 69.95.
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This is a book to admire as well as to study

A comprehensive illustrated Atlas of Functional Human Anatomy
Over 650 Pages with THOUSANDS of beautiful illustrations
as well as detailed and extensive explanatory text.

First published 1981, now in its 6th edition
In four different formats. all with the same content:
— Three-volume Colour hardback - ISBN  978-1-927437-65-0
— Single-volume Colour hardback - ISBN  978-1-927437-01-8
    — Single-volume B&W hardback set - ISBN  978-1-927437-00-1
   — Three-volume B&W hardback set - ISBN  978-1-897452-90-5

Large-format laminated hardcover for years of
long-lasting use.   Size: ( 8.5" x 11" / 21.6cm x 28cm )

The Body Moveable spread open

Bonus downloads for owners of any edition!

Get a free Index and List of Illustrations
and a free Set of large Fold-out Pictures
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Each page is dominated by the gorgeous illustrations covering every aspect and view of the structure, the movements and the dynamics of the human musculoskeletal system. Over 85% of the pages in the colour edition have colour on them — sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. The text is set in a clear and charming font made from the author's hand-printing, and it flows in a seamless and integrated way around the illustrations, explaining them, expanding on them, and providing all the detail you will probably ever need — in other words, a book to come back to as a reference time and again.


"Mr. Gorman's patience and brilliance in picturing Human Anatomy has been achieved without question."

World-renowned discoverer of Australopithecus,
Former Professor Emeritus and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine,
University of Witwatersrand, S. Africa

"For the student of motion, this volume is distinctly superior to all the traditional anatomy textbooks. The drawings and text are models of clarity for demonstrating the interrelationship of structure and function. This is a book for beginner or expert alike. Anatomy here is not forbidding; it is a joy to learn or review the wondrous facts of the construction of the moving human body. At last, here is an ideal anatomic atlas-text for the study of human movement."

Dr. John H. M. Austin M.D.,
Professor of Radiology,
Columbia University Medical Center,
New York

"I consider Gorman's work a treasure of useful and interesting information augmented by the artistic quality of the illustrations, and the insights into efficient versus inefficient use of the body which clearly springs from Gorman's teaching experience.

The handwritten text is a charming asset which further distinguishes this work from many other anatomy books which do not explain the close alliance of structure and function so well done in Gorman's work."

Deborah Caplan M.A. R.PT.
Author of "Back Trouble"
Physical Therapist, formally affiliated with
New York University Medical Center

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9 out of 10 skeletons prefer The Body Moveable Clear and Concise Text covering:

  The bones
  The joint structures and ligaments
  The joint movements, ranges and dynamics
  The muscle attachments
  Individual muscles in detail
  Functional muscle groupings and dynamics

Vast number of Illustrations both detailed and diagrammatic
showing the above from many points of view, plus:

  Superficial to deep dissections in each area
  Many cross-sections
  Views of the muscles in different body activities

General Introductions to each Region and Functional Area
with Special Expanded Sections on:

  Evolutionary & embryological development
  Balance and equilibrium
  The nature of the body tissues
  Mechanics of joints and muscles
  Dynamics of the spine and discs
  The hand and the arches of the foot
  Bending, locomotion and posture
  Respiration and the larynx
  Full Alphabetical Index for each volume
  List of Illustrations in each volume
  Glossary of anatomical terms
  Orientation planes and directions of movement

  and, of course, much more...

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These are shots of actual pages from the book at more or less full size
(the pictures are about 2-3 Mb so may take a few moments to load depending on your connection speed).

  The skull: front, top and back: view full size page
  The diaphragm from the front: view full size page
  The organs from the front: view full size page
  Muscles attachments of the elbow: view full size page
  Muscles adapted for climbing: view full size page
  Synovial sheaths of the hand and fingers: view full size page
  Ranges of leg motion: view full size page
  The arches of the foot (composite pages): view full size page
  The larynx in breathing and speaking: view full size page

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Volume 1 — The Trunk and Head

  Physical properties of bone, cartilage, muscle and connective tissue
  Mechanics of muscle and joint action
  General principles of balance and equilibrium
  Embryological development of the trunk
  Development of movement
  Evolutionary development of the trunk
  The vertebral column as a whole
  The spine: its discs, joints and ligaments
  Dynamics of the spine and disc prolapse
  The spinal muscles and muscle dynamics
  Detailed views and section
  Muscles of the pelvis and perineum
  Muscles and dynamics of the lumbar area
  Muscles and dynamics of the thoracic area
  Respiration: the diaphragm and rib muscles
  Detailed views and sections
  The structure of the head and neck
  The neck: bones, joints, ligaments, and movements
  Muscles of the neck and throat
  Muscle dynamics of the neck region
  Detailed views and sections
  The jaw: its muscles and mastication
  The larynx: its cartilages, joints and ligaments
  The voice: laryngeal muscles and actions
  The pharynx; its muscles and swallowing
  Muscles and movements of the palate, the tongue, cheek and mouth
  Facial muscles, eye muscles and actions
  Detailed views and sections
  Overall views of the muscles in activity

Volume 2 — The Upper Limb

  Embryological development of the limbs
  Evolution of the limbs
  The shoulder girdle
  Mechanics and movements of the girdle
  The shoulder joint: ligaments and movements
  Muscles of the shoulder-arm complex
  Dynamics of the shoulder region
  Detailed views and sections
  The elbow joint: bones, ligaments and mechanics
  Elbow muscles and dynamics
  Muscles and dynamics of pronation / supination
  Detailed views and sections
  The specialization of the wrist and hand
  The hand: bones, joints, ligaments and mechanics
  Muscles and dynamics of the wrist and hand
  The intrinsic hand muscles
  The thumb: its joints and muscle dynamics
  Functional movements of the hand and wrist
  Detailed views and sections
  The arm as a whole
  Overall views of the muscles in arm movements

Volume 3 — The Lower Limb

  The bones of the pelvic girdle
  The pelvic joints: their ligaments and mechanics
  The hip joint: its bones and ligaments
  Mechanics and movements of the hip joints
  Muscles of the hip
  Muscle groups and dynamics of the hip
  Detailed views and sections
  The bones of the knee joint
  Ligaments and mechanics of the knee
  Muscles and dynamics of the knee
  Detailed vies and sections
  The bones of the ankle joint
  Ligaments and mechanics of the ankle
  Muscles of the ankle and foot
  The joints of the foot
  The foot muscles and dynamics
  The intrinsic foot muscles
  The arches of the foot and their mechanics
  Muscle dynamics of the lower leg as a whole
  Detailed views and sections
  The leg as a whole
  Bending and posture
  Locomotion and the gait
  Overall views of the muscles in leg movements


  Full Alphabetical Index for each volume
  List of Illustrations in each volume
  Glossary of anatomical terms
  Orientation planes and directions of movement
  Views of the skeleton and muscles in different body activities




  Colour three-volume set (New in this format)      – US$ 99.95 / UKú 82.95 (plus shipping)
  Colour single-volume  (revised. more colour)      – US$ 89.95 / UKú 74.95 (plus shipping)
  Black & white three-volume set (newly revised)  – US$ 79.95 / UKú 66.95 (plus shipping)
  Black & white single-volume (newly revised)       – US$ 69.95 / UKú 58.95 (plus shipping)

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